Brazilian Gold FIlled Jewelry ABout us

Since 1996 we have being a reference company in the production and commercialization of semi-jewels, also known as brazilian gold filled jewelry. Located in the state of São Paulo, the company has a differentiated line with more than 1,300 designs of 18k gold semi-jewels.

We are constantly concerned with the total satisfaction of our customers, which is why we guarantee high quality and durable semi-jewels, punctual deliveries and differentiated designs.

We have qualified professionals with extensive experience in the semi-jewels market, who work manually with care, affection and professionalism in the production of each piece. In addition, they continually analyze major fashion trends to keep the designs unique. Always seeking excellence in finishing and design, we provide sophistication, elegance and beauty to our consumers.

Attributes such as seriousness, reliability, quality, competence and professionalism, justify the recognition that we have today in the national and international markets, as a reference company in the production and sale of brazilian semi-jewels.